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Our goal: Our goal at 360 Music Business Institute is to provide you with an experience you couldn’t get if you just visited Nashville on family vacation. We want to take you backstage, pull back the curtains, and show you how it works. We want you to experience your dreams. Do you love music? Do you attend as many concerts as you possibly can? Do you make playlists for your friends and every occasion? Do you sing in the shower? Do you scribble song lyrics on your notebooks at school? Do you write music and play in a band? 360MBI gets you up close and personal with the people that help your favorite music get to you. You will learn how it works, get an exclusive look at the industry, and meet the people that make it happen. Come join us!

Who is eligible to attend 360 MBI?  We are excited to offer this exclusive experience to students who have completed their freshman year of high school through students who have recently graduated from high school. 


Letter from the Founder



Being in Nashville since 2002, I have had the distinct pleasure to work in the thriving music industry while watching this city explode as a tourist destination. As an adjunct professor of Music Business and Entrepreneurship at Belmont University, I have realized how important it is to mentor and encourage young people who are interested in the music business. I created the 360 Music Business Institute to be an urban summer camp in Nashville that gives high school students the opportunity to explore Music City and experience the music business. I cannot wait for you to fall in love with my city and the industry that keeps it alive.

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Rock on,
Erin Anderson, 360 MBI Founder